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    Designing solutions
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3D modelling

Creating 3D models of mechanical components and its assembly in a digital format.

Reverse Engineering

Studying the structure and make of mechanical components and the assembly and creating separate models for all components.

Paper to CAD

Converting hand drawn sketches into 2D digital drawings for safekeeping, easy handling and manufacturing.

2D Drafting

Generating 2D drawings of prospective components and assemblies to be created.

In technical terms, 3D modelling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three dimensional surface or object. In general terms, it means to create a visual of how something will look before actually making it. Using specialised software to create a graphic representation of an intended product is what is the ultimate goal of this process.
3D modelling is the base of the environment. The cars we drive, the house we live in and the tools we use were all once just a gray model on some 3D software, changed and upgraded umpteen times, every aspect scrutinised minutely until it was perfected.

3D modelling is the way to go before starting any production process. Any project that would have a physical object as its outcome should start with a 3D model. It not only helps us to gauge the look of the outcome but also to render changes in time. In this case, it can be aptly said that one cannot go back once the die is cast. It is better to make sure the right die is cast rather than making an incorrect impression.
When it comes right down to the core, all it matters is the quality and the cost. Creating a product every time just to find a small fault and rejecting it is not feasible. With a virtual model at hand, the task becomes a lot easier when we know what the output will be. Getting to know the physical form before producing a single unit of the same can only be a boon.

Getting to show interested parties a look and feel of the product before hand is a great way to attract them. 3D modelling helps you in marketing to a great extent.



I wanted 3D designs for pneumatic machines that we manufacture. Intritech has helped in providing these designs which were upto my expectations.

Mr. Ashish Shah, KJN Enterprises.